Kristie Cunningham is the founder of Need A New Nanny Yesterday, LLC. She has been in this profession for over a decade. During the COVID pandemic, she decided there was definitely a need in the area for a moderately priced nanny agency. It saddened her to see families scrambling to find childcare when the schools and daycares had to shut down.

Kristie understands the importance of having reliable childcare to lean on. But for some, wanting the best childcare and being able to afford the best childcare is an issue. So in 2022 she decided to open Need A New Nanny Yesterday, in hopes of making it more affordable for all families to hire a nanny from a reputable nanny agency.

Kristie has a great understanding of what it takes to be both a professional nanny and a professional agency owner. In her 20’s she started working as a professional nanny for a family with 5 children. She worked for this family for 4.5 years. From there she went on to be a house manager and part-time nanny for a another amazing family for 5 years. They often would say, “Kristie is the glue that holds our family together.”

Throughout the years she has paid close attention to what it takes to run a reliable nanny agency. She loved the agency business so much that she eventually volunteered as a nanny/client recruiter.

Bringing nannies and clients together was so rewarding to her. It was here that she decided that it was time to start her very own agency.

Kristie is the type person who works very hard to deliver exactly what her clients need. She takes pride in her work, because her work is her passion.

She is devoted to helping others have the best nanny experience possible. She also values the nannies she hires at her agency. Whether working with the nanny or with the client, her goal is to do what is best for everyone involved.

Nanny Requirements

Our agency requires all of our nannies to have the minimum of a high school diploma. The majority of our nannies have a college degree, and speak multiple languages. Before bringing in a new nanny to our childcare team, we speak with each of their childcare related references.

It is a requirement that our childcare providers have at least two years of experience in the childcare profession. Each nanny has passed a criminal background check.

Your health and safety is very important to us, therefore we require our nannies to hold a current CPR certification and follow CDC guidelines in regards to the Covid Vaccine.

We take it personally when selecting the perfect candidate for your family and would not have it any other way. Your children are your everything and we want for you to feel excited about the nanny you chose.

Let’s face it, all of you will be spending a lot of time with each other and we hope to send you someone that eventually feels like bonus family.

Have you ever thought about hiring a nanny and wondered if it were truly worth it or not? Yes, there are numerous childcare options out there, but are they an ideal fit for you and your growing family? Sure there are private and in-home daycares, but will your children be getting the one on one attention they deserve?

Having a nanny means your little ones needs will be catered to. If they are feeling under the weather, you can avoid missing a day of work and feel confident knowing your children are in the best of care. Your nanny will be able to tailor every moment of the day to your child’s needs which is such a comforting feeling as a parent!

Your little one will have less exposure to illnesses being passed around, and you will have input on the activities and playgroups they are involved in.

It is also great to have a nanny, because you will be able to create your own personal schedule along with your children’s. This is very helpful, especially during the baby and toddler years. Many families have their nanny arrive early enough to feed and dress their little ones, allowing you to get ready for work, without feeling rushed in the morning.

It works the same way in the evening. You know your nanny has everything under control and all you need to do is come home to the ones you love the most and enjoy your downtime. Many nannies are happy to make dinner for your children, bathe them, and get them ready for bed. Think of it as a preventative to the bewitching hour!!!

Lucky you will have plenty of time to come home to cuddles for the rest of the evening. You could say nannies really help take the edge off of being a parent. You can depend on them to make your evenings much more relaxing.

If you have school aged children, you will have a trusted driver to take them to and from after school activities. At this stage of the game, your nanny takes on more of a house managers role.

They will grow with your family and take on responsibilities such as grocery shopping, running errands, and prepping dinner.

Plain and simple, having a nanny makes everything easier!

  • $3000 Fee
    Full-Time Nanny
  • Your child stays in a familiar environment and can stick to routines.
  • Unlike the daycare setting, your child(ren) will be exposed to fewer colds and viruses.
  • It is comforting to know that your little ones will have a consistent childcare provider for as long as needed.
  • You have the option of adding additional duties, such as light housework.
  • Full-Time Nanny
  • $2000 Fee
    Part Time Nanny
  • A part-time nanny works the exact amount of hours that you need her to.
  • Rather than after school childcare, your part time nanny can transport children to and from engaging activities.
  • You have flexible backup if your child is sick and unable to go to school.
  • Part Time Nanny
  • $1000 Fee
    Short Term Nanny
  • Short-term nannies play outside with the children, take them to the pool, or even travel on vacation with whole family.
  • In addition to providing attentive childcare, short-term nannies can transport children to and from camps and playdates.
  • Summer nannies can ensure your child has the summer you’ve dreamed of.
  • Short Term Nanny
  • $25 Booking Fee
    Temp Nanny
  • Perfect for date nights
  • Great substitute when regular nanny is unable to work
  • Commonly used for school closures.
  • Temp Nanny

How much does a High End Nanny make?

As of Dec 17, 2022, the average annual pay for a High End Nanny in the United States is $61,721 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $29.67 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,186/week or $5,143/month

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Top 10 Reasons Nannies Decide to Quit

There are many reasons why a nanny chooses to terminate a relationship with their employers. If you are aware of the reasons, it may be easier to avoid them and help lengthen and strengthen your relationship with your nanny.

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Lauren Knight

We've had a fantastic experience with Need a New Nanny Yesterday. The agency has been able to help us out on several occasions for child care coverage, both during business hours and in the evening, for our daughter. The nannies we've been referred have all been delightful, energetic and caring. I have absolute confidence in this service and recommend it to anyone looking for child care in the area. Thank you!

The Takita Family

Wonderful agency and always willing to help those in the childcare community. You are in great hands if you come to this agency for domestic assistance! Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do.

Spencer and Jan Morris

We have used several temp nannies from the agency and could not be happier with the service we've gotten both from the agency and the nannies! Kristie is very diligent, professional, and really cares about her clients and the nannies she hires. Kristie has so many connections in the area that she always seems to be able to find the perfect person even on short notice. I'm so glad we found Kristie and her agency to help us with all our chlidcare needs!

John and Claire Silver

Wonderful agency, competitive prices, and reliable childcare! You really can not go wrong when working with Need a New Nanny Yesterday!

Elizabeth Ellis

Need a New Nanny Yesterday has been so helpful in finding our family a nanny. The agency helped us find the best part time nanny for our summertime needs.

Carol Johnson

We love this agency. Yes, they are a newer agency, but I see this as a positive. I have loved the attentiveness that our family has received.

Liz Dean & Erin Randall

Working with Need a New Nanny Yesterday takes the guesswork of finding a safe and reliable childcare provider for your little one(s)! Kristie takes into account your needs, schedule and family vibe. Her Candidates are responsible, vetted and eager to help!
When we first reached out to Kristie, we had an unconventional schedule need. She took on the challenge and matched us with an awesome part-time nanny for our young child!
Each interaction with the team has been warm and welcome and we will continue to use Need a New Nanny Yesterday for our child care needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should we pay our Nanny?
This depends on the nanny’s experience level with children. Most nannies charge between $25-$28 per hour. For each additional child a nanny will charge between $1-$3 per hour.

2. How long does the entire process take?
Once the client turns in the Family Assessment application, the entire process generally takes anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks for permanent placement.

3. Are your nannies vetted?
Yes, All of our nannies have gone through an extensive criminal background check and a reference check, and they are CPR certified.

4. Have your nannies received the COVID19 Vaccination?
Yes, we ask that all of our nannies follow CDC guidelines. We take COVID19 safety precautions very seriously.

5. How much is the application fee?
There is a non-refundable application fee of $500 for the Part-time, Short-term and Full-time nanny.

6. What are the nanny placement fees?
Our fees range between $25 for a Temp nanny, $1000 for a Short-term nanny, $2000 for a Part-time nanny, and $3000 for a Full-time nanny.

7. What is a temp nanny?
A temp nanny is hired to work sporadically. You can rely on our temp nanny team for date nights, events, school closures, or backup help when your regular childcare provider is unavailable.

8. What are the hourly rates for temp nannies?
Hourly rates are to be negotiated between client and nanny. The majority of our nannies charge a minimum of $25 per hour for the first child and $2 per additional child.

9. Will we meet our Temp Nanny prior to the childcare provider working in our home?
Yes, we encourage both parties to speak over the phone to confirm the hourly wage to be paid to the nanny by the client. Here is an excellent opportunity to discuss any specific childcare needs you and your family might have.

10. Can we use the same nanny every time we need a temp nanny?
We will do our very best to provide you with the same temp nanny, but it is not always guaranteed.

11. Can we contact the temp nanny directly when needing childcare?
No. Need a New Nanny Yesterday is to be notified first, then the booking fee is to be paid, and then the nanny placement will be confirmed.

12. How much should we pay our Full-time or Part-time nanny?
The average rate for a Full-time or Part-time nanny is $25 to $30 per hour. It is not a set price and most nannies are willing to negotiate with the client.